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Saint Petersburg pictures

When British photographer Shelly Cornick moved to St Petersburg, she found herself woefully unprepared. Wearing only a thin winter coat and informed by a collection of vague stereotypes about lifestyle in Saint Petersburg, she turned to her camera to interpret the alien landscape. The resulting photographs capture the resilience of daily life against a backdrop of brutalist architecture and fierce weather can bo found at www.chicandamazing.com.

Few places in the world resonate with the magic and romance that imbue every fibre of Russia's most splendid city, Saint Petersburg. Built by Peter the Great to rival Europe's finest capitals, St. Petersburg's bountiful waterways, numerous islands and its three hundred bridges have earned it the title of the 'Venice of the North'; whereas its long boulevards and Neoclassical mansions have seen it dubbed the 'Paris of the East' - and Peterhof Palace 'the Russian Versailles'. Read more

However all these titles, and many more, fail to do justice to the Northern metropolis's unique and vibrant character. After all what other city can bathe in the luminosity of the White Nights, in the legacy of the Kirov Ballet and in the glory of such progeny as, Doestevsky, Nabokov, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich? Saint Petersburg is truly one of a kind!



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